UKME ordinands and curates

UKME ordinands and curates is a new group for ordinands and curates of minority ethnic or global majority heritage (GMH) in the Church of England. We are an independent group that is not affiliated with any official bodies in the Church of England, although we aim to support and work with other groups within the church and beyond. We are also a grassroots group: we are organized by UKME/GMH ordinands and curates, for UKME/GMH ordinands and curates.

We have a vision that the gifts and talents of UKME/GMH ordinands and curates might be fully recognized within the Church of England. We have a dream that the church would be a place where all UKME/GMH ordinands and curates would be able to flourish and be celebrated for who they are, as part of the body of Christ. We believe that an independent and grassroots group for UKME/GMH ordinands and curates could enable the whole church, with God’s Spirit, to work towards this vision.

In order to realize this vision, we aim for the group to be a supportive network: a place where we as UKME ordinands and curates can meet and get to know one another, share stories and experiences of college or curacy, talk about issues which are affecting both our lives and the wider church and world, and also just relax andenjoy each others’ company! We aim to create opportunities to network via our social mediapresence, where ordinands and curates will have the opportunity to connect via regional hubs. We also aim for our Zoom events to be conversational, giving plenty of space for people to meet in small groups. Finally, we aim to facilitate opportunities for people to meet in-person, hopefully over plenty of good food!

We also aim for this group to be a place where the work of UKME/GMH ordinands and curates is celebrated. So often, important initiatives, events or accomplishments of UKME/GMH people in thechurch are relatively unpublicized and unnoticed. We aim to facilitate the sharing and celebration of good news in our ministries, so that we can encourage one another and build one another up in love. We aim to do this via a regular newsletter and via our website and social media, as well as through our events.

Finally, we aim for this group to act as a platform from which to voice the issues and concerns of UKME/GMH ordinands and curates to the wider church. Our vision for the full recognition and celebration of UKME/GMH people in the church cannot happen in the absence of justice, and we stand with other groups and people within the church against racial injustice and all forms of oppression and discrimination. We believe that in making our voice heard within the wider church, we are stronger together.

Our group was officially launched on 14th August, and there are lots of ways to contact us and become involved if you would like to. Please do check out our Facebook and Twitter, and our website, where you can sign up to become a member and also subscribe to our newsletter (details given below). Please also email us at with any questions or comments – we’d love to hear from you.

Above all, please keep this group in your prayers. May this group enable us to respond to the Spirit of God working in our midst, transforming our church and our world.

Ways you can contact us:

Facebook: UKME Ordinands + Curates

Twitter: @UKMEOrdCur


Angela Sheard is one of the founding members of UKME Ordinands and Curates, a member of the Nazareth Community and a supporter of Inclusive Church.