The Inclusive Church Resource book series is designed for groups to use to gain a greater understanding of the areas of inclusion we focus on. Each book has an introduction, theological reflection, stories from lived experience and a practical resource section. There are also small group study resources which accompany the books, and which are available as free downloads.

There are currently 6 books in the series, but we are in discussions with the publisher DLT about making more:

Mental Health

Books can be ordered from the publishers. You can also ask the National Coordinator about the books.


‘I very much like the idea that the church’s function is not so much about curing as instead about focusing on healing’ – Sue Atkinson – Church Times

‘Seeks to educate, reflect theologically, and to provide practical advice and guidance. This it does rather magnificently’ – Rachel Mann – Church Times

‘The challenge (in this book) is for us to turn our churches into places where everyone is accepted, and that everyone can gain access to’ – Church Times

‘An excellent book. It would be great to find it on sale at the back of every church in the country’ – Robin Gill – Church Times

‘A clear and very useful exposition of what it would mean to be a Church of the Poor’ – Peter Selby – Church Times

‘This little book provides good place to start (discussing ethnicity and the Church)’ – Nick Spencer – Church Times