Liturgy and Hymns

Inclusive Church has prepared a resource pack that can be used as materials for services of dedication and thanksgiving following a civil partnership or same-sex marriage.

The Methodist Church has also produced guidance and resources for same-sex marriage. It is now legal to marry in a Methodist Church, if that church has applied for a licence.

In terms of inclusive prayers, hymns etc, we would also recommend worship resources from the Iona Community and Wild Goose publishing, anything by June Boyce-Tillman, but especially the hymn book ‘A Rainbow to Heaven’, and the book of hymns by women composers by Multitude of Voyces.

Reading, podcasts, videos etc

Here are some good websites, blogs, videos etc relating to the work of IC. This list is always being updated. If you think of something that should be added, please contact the National Coordinator.


Interfaith LGBT+ conversations between Ruth Wilde and Khakhan Qureshi

Beyond Inclusion conversations between John Bell and Nick Bundock

Bible and Homosexuality website by Revd Dr Jonathan Tallon

Bible Bash podcast by Peterson Toscano and Liam Hooper

Alex Clare-Young, the URC minister, trans rights campaigner and IC/Open Table trustee’s website

EQUAL’s recommended book list for LGBT+ equality

Queer Grace – Christian LGBT+ online encyclopedia

Transforming church – a resource on trans identity by Hereford Inclusive Church

Briefing by Christina Beardsley and Susan Gilchrist on the CofE affirmation of baptismal faith with trans people

Support and resources for young trans people from Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence

Resources from Stonewall

Disability, Neurodiversity and Mental Health

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism website

ADHD UK Welfare Pack for workplaces – this is useful not just for places of work but for anyone wanting to learn more about ADHD

Interview with Ruth Wilde about neurodiversity from Student Christian Movement

Recommended reading on disability and neurodiversity (from the 2019 Disability Conference – please be aware that the outdated term ‘Asperger’s’ is used in some places)

Ann Memmott’s autism blog

Mental Health Matters resources

MIND is a good charity to look up on mental health

Young Minds and Kooth are also good on mental health and specifically targeted at young people.

Sheldon Hub – on mental health and ministry.

ADDittude magazine – information and articles on ADHD.

Articles and studies on weight stigma and the link to mental and physical ill health.


IC’s own Black Theology series from 2020 and 2022 on YouTube (browse the IC videos to find).

Prof Anthony Reddie’s IC Annual Lecture.

Anti-Racism Resources from the Student Christian Movement

Articles by Delores S. Williams on Womanist theology (Black feminist theology)

The About Race podcast by author of ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race’, Reni Eddo-Lodge.


Research from Durham University/ the Methodist Church on the link between church growth and inclusion

Church Action’s Poverty’s book of stories, prayers and reflections, ‘Dignity, Agency, Power’.

Church Action on Poverty’s ‘Church on the Margins’ video reflections

Via Media News – inclusive evangelical news and blogs

Thinking Anglicans – inclusive Anglican news

Invisible Women is worth a read – on dangerous bias against women in all areas of life, including medicine

CRC Online – thanks to a grant from the Jim Cotter Trust, CRC has been able to build and launch an insightful and inspirational new website of theological and spiritual resources

Our friends at the Swedish Lutheran Church have a project called We House the Future and have made a film with English subtitles about their work.