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Book Review: At the Gates – Disability, Justice and the Churches

At the Gates: Disability, Justice and the Churches is a seminal and vital read for all, including clergy, lay workers, congregations and those who work with disabled and neurodivergent people in any manner. Written by Dr Naomi Jacobs and Emily Richardson, this book provides an insight to the voices of disabled and neurodivergent people’s stories […]

Book Review: ‘Queer Holiness – the gift of LGBTQI People to the Church’ by Charlie Bell

The promotion of this book has been extensive on social media and I was very much looking forward to reading it.  The fact that I read it in three sittings, rather than my normal 2-3 months says a lot about the very readable flow and the engaging nature of Charlie’s analysis of church inclusion and […]

‘Dignity and Fullness of Life’: Tim Goode speaks at the General Synod launch of the booklet ‘Something Worth Sharing’

‘In God we have a new dignity and God calls us to fullness of life’. My friends, these are the words that conclude the introduction to the Common Worship baptism service. These are the words written by our Church. These words are a call upon the church to invest in each and every person, each […]

Sermon: The Weirdness of God

Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon Isaiah 6: 1-8 and Luke 5: 1-11 My sister sent me an image online recently of different angels described in the Bible and how weird they are. It made me laugh out loud. I would recommend that any of you who are curious just google ‘seraphim’ and see what […]

‘Do not worry about what you will eat’: Sermon for 10th October, Harvest

Sermon for St Peter’s Lapal and St Kenelm’s Romsley, Halesowen. Start by introducing the work of Inclusive Church. This is a very difficult passage to preach on in the context of the recent removal of the £20 ‘uplift’ from the poorest on universal credit. The people on universal credit include those who cannot work due […]