Month: September 2021

IC Stories: Anthony Freeman

I guess I’m the least likely person ever to find themselves wanting to be at the heart of Inclusive Church: white, male, fifty-years married, conventionally healthy in mind and body, Church of England priest, Oxford educated, financially secure, “establishment” to the core … and until I was nominated as a trustee, I had never even […]

Synod Campaign is Go!

We have been working with a coalition of church groups to support inclusive candidates in the 2021 General Synod Elections. With voting due to open this Friday we are able to unveil the list. There are 221 candidates who have all signed up to the following election statement:  “I am committed to equality for everyone, at all […]

IC Stories: Ruth Yorke

I first came across Inclusive Church when our church decided to ‘come out’ as inclusive. We realised that if we wanted people to know they would be welcomed and accepted, then we needed to tell them. So we contacted Inclusive Church and the now, ‘OneBodyOneFaith’ and registered with both.   We wanted to go beyond just […]

UKME ordinands and curates

UKME ordinands and curates is a new group for ordinands and curates of minority ethnic or global majority heritage (GMH) in the Church of England. We are an independent group that is not affiliated with any official bodies in the Church of England, although we aim to support and work with other groups within the […]