IC Stories: Dan Barnes-Davies

I think my first involvement was an invite to Young Inclusive Church in Waterloo back in 2012. Then I somehow became YIC liaison on the board before being persuaded to stand for election at the next AGM. Those 8 years have included my entire process of ordination from first exploration to post-curate; but through becoming part of the Disability Conference team, I’ve also had my disabilities diagnosed, which has had massive impact on my self-understanding and on the approach I have to intersectional inclusion. Recognising that I’m privileged in every other possible way, I hope I’ve developed much more empathy and solidarity along the journey. There’s nothing like IC! I really think we are genuinely a Spirit-filled and -led movement. We have a well-deserved national reputation for robust and consistent engagement with inclusion across several different ‘streams’. I’m really pleased when I think over the past 8 years that we have always been ambitious and hopeful. I think that’s still the core attitude we share as a network, and it’s how we’re facing the next 8 years too. Yes, please! This movement has lots of room for all kinds of God-given gifts. Even as a long-serving trustee, I’m sure I don’t know even a fraction of the talent we already have, and there’s always need for more. In whatever ways God is calling you to serve her in the causes of inclusion, we’d love to work with you. Any financial contributions you can make are really appreciated and carefully deployed in order to sustain and build our powerful, prophetic, progressive network. Thank you!

Written by Dan Barnes-Davies, IC trustee.

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