Welcome to the Inclusive Church website “Church Admin”.

You’re seeing this because you’ve got access to a church listing on our website. The churches are all listed on the Church Directory page.

Because you’re now a signed up Church Admin, you can update your church details on our website.

How to edit your church listing

First, go to the Places page in the dashboard.

Once you are on this page, you will see your church listing with the current information that we have for your church. Please update the church as follows:

Title – (“My Church Name” in the example image below). This should be the name of your church, including the place. E.g. St Mary’s Somewhere, not just St Mary’s Church. (We are a network of 1000 churches, imagine how many e.g. St Peter’s we have!)

Description – underneath the title is a blank white area. Please add a description here of your church. We suggest you keep it short and simple, for example a short paragraph – many people won’t read a long description.

Underneath the description is an area where you can add more information about your church. To find it, simply scroll down the page. In this section, please put http:// before every website address before saving:

Finally, we’d love it if you could add a Featured Image. You may have already added some image gallery images in the section above – but the featured image is a little different. It tells us that it’s the main image to use for the church, and if we ever change the search results to use it, it will show up there.

To change the Featured Image go to the right hand column and click on “Featured Image”. Follow the instructions to upload your church image.

When you are done, click “Update” on the top right hand side of the page. You might find it takes a bit of time for your changes to be updated on the website. If they don’t change in 24 hours, then contact us for help.

At the bottom, there is a box to tick if your church is registered to conduct same-sex marriages. This may be useful for same-sex couples to know. We acknowledge that not all churches are allowed by their denomination to do this. If this is the case, we recommend that you include information about what you can offer on the front page of your website and/or in the short paragraph describing your church above.

Adding more than 1 church

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