I met Fiona [MacMillan, trustee] at the 2021 Disability Conference, which I very much enjoyed, so it felt like a real honour when the vicar for HeartEdge at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Jonathan Evens, asked me to become a trustee of IC.  I’m originally from South-Korea, where my parents still live. I studied Theology in the Netherlands, where I am still based, and I work for all kinds of churches and Christian organisations, for example for MOVE, an online community for young adults where we share stories of young people who are testifying about what God has done and is doing in their lives. I also work for composers and musicians, mostly classical, because (new) music is another passion of mine. I am blessed with three beautiful daughters. My oldest daughter Jasmijn (pictured with me above) is 11 years old now and she has Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. This has changed our lives profoundly. It feels like a mission to be speak up for a disabled child sometimes, as both child and parents are vulnerable in society, facing all the (bureaucratic) challenges – sometimes it’s just about surviving day to day. In my free time, I organise concerts for disabled people and their families. I hope that the church will dare to truly include disabled people and that disabled people will feel more welcome in church.