The world needs love; so many hearts are hurting

Mon, 2015-03-30 14:52 -- Ben Treadaway

The world needs love; so many hearts are hurting.
God, work through us all, and help us spread your peace,
bringing to all - through your forgiving spirit -
freedom from guilt, from bitterness release.
Reconcile us; help us share tranquil calmness,
’till anger stills and all our conflicts cease.

The world needs hope, a vision for the future,
what life might be, what we are striving to.
May we all lead - through the transforming spirit -
lives that fulfil what we know to be true,
to share our gifts, show forth all loving kindness,
encourage all to find great joy anew.

The world needs faith, a willing dedication
of all we are and all we might yet be.
May we all serve - through the empowering spirit -
an active faith in our community.
Love for each soul, respecting and upholding,
declares the worth of all humanity.

The world needs joy, a sense of celebration
that human lives have such diversity.
May we all see - through the dynamic spirit -
each person’s part in life’s vitality.
Sharing our joys, supporting others’ sorrows
make our small world a better place to be.

© Philip Sudworth  (adapted)
Tune: Finlandia