Response to Justin Welby as Archbishop

Thu, 2012-11-08 09:18 -- bob.callaghan

Inclusive Church responds to the news that The Rt Rev'd Justin Welby is to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury

Inclusive Church has issued the folowing comment:

Inclusive Church welcomes Justin Welby as the next Archbishop of Canterbury. We know that he supports the full ministry of women in the Church.
We hope that he will also lead the Church forward with honesty and integrity in other areas, including both sexuality and marriage equality.

We also look to him for leadership in welcoming those marginalised within the church because of ethnicity, disability, mental wellbeing, and poverty.

President of Inclusive Church The Rev Dr Giles Fraser, said in a BBC interview: Bishop Welby was "the right man for the job".

He added: "I'm quite surprised that the church has had the courage to pick someone who's only been a bishop a short amount of time, but I am absolutely delighted that they have.

"He and I would disagree on a number of theological issues... He's very conservative on gay marriage and those sort of things, but very strongly in favour of women bishops which is good.

"Even though he comes from a very different part of the church from me - and this has got to be a sign of hope - I think it's a terrific appointment."

Dr Fraser went on to say that Bishop Welby's experience in Africa could help him "heal the divisions" within the church both at home and overseas.

In previous comments leading up to this appointment Inclusive Church stated "that it was looking for a good manager who could unite the church as much as someone who is socially liberal."

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