Parliament Debate Women Bishops

Women Bishops Debate in Parliament

WATCHDear WATCH supporters in Inclusive Church

We have just heard that a debate is going to be held in the House of Commons on either the 12 or 13 December under the heading, "Debate on the General Synod Vote on Women Bishops". It would be extremely helpful to those introducing the debate if you could draw this to the attention of your constituency member of parliament and to ask her/him to show support by attending, speaking and voting for women bishops to be admitted into the episcopate on the same terms as male bishops. You might like to add other points that you feel important to convey. It is crucial that as many members of parliament as possible are made aware of the importance of this debate. You will find the name and email or telephone address of your MP, if you haven't already got it, by going to: and filling in your post code in the "Members of the House of Commons" section.

With many thanks, and best wishes

Sally Barnes