An inclusive General Synod

Towards General Synod 2015 – Electoral Roll Revision and Deanery Synods.

Synod for DummiesIn partnership with a number of groups – Inclusive Church has begun to look towards the Church of England General Synod elections that will take place in 2015. It may seem a long way off, but there are key events and processes that we need to engage with if we are to ensure that we have a General Synod that is inclusive and affirming.

Step 1 – Get on your Electoral Roll. The Church of England is revising the Electoral Roll now – so make sure that you are on your church’s roll. This will then give you the right to elect people to Deanery Synods

Step 2 – Deanery Synod elections will take place in 204. Deanery Synods have a bad press (the classic definition of a Deanery Synod meeting is a group of Anglicans waiting to go home) – but it needn’t be like that. By being on the electoral roll means that you can take part in the process to ensure that YOUR church elects inclusive and affirming people to serve you as Deanery Synod reps. Maybe YOU should stand!

 Step 3 – General Synod elections will take place in 2015. Only people on Deanery Synods can vote for members of the new General Synod in 2015.

So…see how important it is to get on your Electoral Roll, be involved in Deanery Synod Elections.

Inclusive Church has produced a simple Deanery Synod guide for Dummies – download a colour version here and print some off for your church!

Or click here for a black and white version.