IC Australia

Our Story

Inclusive Church Australia is now live! 

Amid unprecendented change in social policy, economic conditions and national culture, Australian Christians are reclaiming their prophetic voice to advocate for inclusion, acceptance and diversity in both faith communities and Australian society more broadly. The missional focus of Inclusive Church U.K. offers an existing platform with which to speak into the lived experience of those Australians for whom marginalisation, oppression or exclusion is a daily reality while simultainously resourcing parish clergy to offer engaging, contemporary and inclusive worship.

Our aim is to organically develop a network of Australian churches committed to inclusivity; to resource their clergy and parish leadership and to ensure a Christian voice speaks into the sphere of public life in Australia. 

Add your voice and that of your church to the goal of inclusivity by visiting our Join page. You can also follow us on Facebook - search for Inclusive Church Australia

For further information on IC Australia contact The Reverend Daniel Hobbs on 0400 531 837 or email here.