National Coordinator

The National Coordinator for Inclusive Church is Ruth Wilde. Ruth is a Quaker who lives in Birmingham.

ruth wilde

The National Coordinator position works to support the Trustees of Inclusive Church.

Some of the key tasks of the National Coordinator include:

- Working with the Trustees to ensure that Inclusive Church is 'out there'. She is often on the road visiting and speaking to local churches and groups. She also ensures that Inclusive Church has a strong presence at events such as Greenbelt Festival, Church of England General Synod and other church gatherings.

- Helping to organise and deliver Inclusive Church events, such as the annual Disability Conference and the Inclusive Church Lecture and AGM. 

- Networking and working collaboratively with partners. 

- Promoting our Inclusive Church Resource Book series

- Maintaining the Inclusive Church website and social media

- Managing our registered inclusive churches and groups, maintaining contact with over 2,500 subscribers to our newsletter etc

- Training and resourcing churches and the regional ambassadors

If you would like to make contact with the National Coordinator directly, please email