Prayers of Love and Faith (Church of England)

Dear church leaders,

I warmly encourage churches of our network in the Church of England to make use of the newly-commended Prayers of Love and Faith starting this Sunday, 17 December 2023. Even though very much of our network will regard this step as too small, we must make use of what is available early and often. It is very important that dioceses receive statistics which evidence how committed we are to showing God’s love to LGBTQIA+ people in our communities. That is why I have signed the attached letter from Inclusive Church and some of our partners, which I commend to you.

Please read the letter, the bishops’ press release, PLF material and pastoral guidance carefully. If and when you pass PCC motions and/or use the prayers provided, please update your listing in our Directory and tick the box “We are able to say prayers in regular services…” (If you decide locally that you won’t use PLF because the resources are not affirmative enough, please record your protest with your Diocese and with us; because otherwise you will be counted with non-affirming churches!)

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who has been part of the huge effort to get us to this point, over the course of several decades. We have a long way yet to go, and I pray your passion and commitment inspires everyone who takes this campaign forward towards full inclusion.

In solidarity,

Fr Dan Barnes-Davies SCP

Chair of the trustees, Inclusive Church network

PS: IC and our partners have received enquiries from journalists wishing to cover the use of PLF this Sunday; if you plan to do so and would be (cautiously!) open to talking to press, please email