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August e-bulletin


From the National Coordinator

bob callaghanWelcome to the August e-news. With our new website we are planning to issue a regular newsletter every 2 months – with a smaller ‘e-bulletin’ in between. We are aware that there is the need to update people with information, but not to overload your inbox! Let me know what you think – use the web contact page to get in touch.

It would be good to know if the new website is working for you. We have been ironing out the glitches we know about – but it may be that you are aware of something that we aren’t. If so – please get in touch.

We have managed to input the list of Inclusive Churches, and I have written to each of them. We now have the facility to include details about each church, with images and text – so why not update your church’s details? If you have a link to Inclusive Church on your website – please make sure it is up to date with our new domain name:

As we get on top of some our basic administration – is there anyone out there in IC world who could lend a hand? We could do with volunteer admin assistance. Help with basic maintenance of the website (we have to update over 2000 newsletter records for example) This work could be done from the comfort of your own home and would be a huge help. Contact me if you can help – or know of someone who would like to support IC in this way.

I will be at Greenbelt at the end of August with a whole load of people from Inclusive Church and Young IC – so if you are there look out for us in G Source.

There is a lot going on in the world of IC. Greenbelt will be fun - look out for the new IC t shirts! We have initiated a joint response to the House of Bishops on their review about human sexuality and look forward to being part of that process. In the autumn there will be a number of Diocesan Synod results to monitor as the discussions continue about the legislation towards women being consecrated as bishops. Young IC continues to grow - an inclusive space for young people aged 18-35. All of this comes together at our 2011 National Conference. With all that's going on - the conference is key. on and book up!

Bob Callaghan

Inclusive Church Conference

Be Attitude – Anglicans, Inclusion and the Gospel. 16-18 November 2011

Taking a fresh look at how we Be Anglican, Be Inclusive and Be Faithful to the Gospel

The conference comes at a crucial time - providing an opportunity to reflect where the church is in relation to the legislation towards allowing women to be consecrated as bishops (the final diocesan votes would only just have come in); as well as providing a key opportunity for many of us to gather and reflect where we are in the consultation process on Civil Partnerships and same-sex relationships.

The conference will be chaired by Canon Dianna Gwilliams, Honorary Secretary of Inclusive Church.

Keynote speakers include Professor Adrian Thatcher, Visiting Professor, University of Exeter, Canon Andrew Nunn, Acting Dean Southwark Cathedral and Canon Giles Goddard, Chair Inclusive Church

The conference takes place at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire.

Come and participate in conversation and debate, meet old friends and make new ones Be Refreshed

Be Reinvogorated  

Booking details are available on our website

WATCH news

watch logoWe would like to give you some updates on the progress of the campaign for women bishops and what is to come in the Autumn.

Recent Edition of Outlook is now Published

The summer edition of Outlook, the National WATCH publication, is now out and packed full of information and interesting articles. This includes an announcement of the eight new WATCH vice presidents, a supportive article by Bishop Michael Perham, Bishop of Gloucester and an update on the campaign for women bishops so far. Those of you who are members of National WATCH will have already received your copy. If you have not formally joined National WATCH you can do so by going to and join on-line. You will then receive a copy of Outlook and membership information.

WATCH Post Cards

WATCH has designed some postcards to be sent to bishops, diocesan representatives and general synod members prior to the vote for the legislation. When they are ready you will be informed so that you can let us know if you would like a pack. One valuable thing we can do is to contact all the key people involved in voting, in large numbers, so they are well aware of the support the legislation has as it stands.

Finally...............Good News

We have just heard that Hereford and Bristol have overwhelmingly voted for the legislation in all three Houses. This means that 12 out of 12 dioceses have now voted YES in good numbers. Let us hope more follow!

Remember that we shall know the final details of all votes across the dioceses in time for the Inclusive Church conference in November – a really good reason to be at Be-Attitude 16-18 November

Sally Barnes

Poverty and economic exclusion.

povertyAcross the UK in recent months, there has been widespread concern about economic and social exclusion. Some fear that cuts in public spending, and changes to law and public policy, are particularly affecting the poorest and most vulnerable. Such issues have been covered by many organisations, such as Church Action on Poverty (, Ekklesia (, the Children's Society ( and Campaign for a Fair Society ( There has also been extensive media coverage - though some sections of the press have tended to be very negative in their coverage of those who are poor and marginalised.

Many Anglicans are already involved in taking action in their local communities or more widely. It might also be useful to write to our bishops with our views on the current situation and experiences in our areas, or fields of work and volunteering, assisting them in making the case for strengthening social and economic inclusion.

Savi Hensman

LGB&T AC Response to the House of Bishops

LGBT AC logoIn July the House of Bishops issued a statement indicating that it would be reviewing the policy on Civil Partnerships and same-sex relationships. This process would take 2 years and would report in 2013 (which just happens to be the 10th anniversary of the founding of Inclusive Church).  Through the LGB&T Anglican Coalition Inclusive Church have welcomed the opportunity to engage thoroughly with this process.

Inclusive Church, as a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Anglican Coalition, has written to the House of Bishops to offer its help in the forthcoming reviews on sexuality and the church.

Following his announcement of reviews on Civil Partnerships and Guidelines on Human Sexuality by the Bishop of Norwich, the LGB&T Anglican Coalition has written to the Rt Rev Graham James welcoming the reviews, and offering to meet with him in the near future.The letter states, "We are sure that you will want to consult widely in the review process, and would like to offer our services at an early stage.  We hope you will welcome this offer to meet a small team representing the Coalition to discuss how our members can contribute to this work."

This offer stands in sharp contrast to claims made by Anglican Mainstream that such discussions have already been taking place during the past year. Chair of the Coalition, The Rev'd  Benny Hazlehurst, said, "We are looking forward to the opportunity to engage with the House of Bishops in their work on sexuality, but Anglican Mainstream's assertion that the reviews have come out of pre-existing discussions with LGBT groups is both untrue and misleading."

In an open letter to Anglican Mainstream, the Coalition says it read with surprise Anglican Mainstream’s claim that the reviews "followed a year of conversations chaired by the Bishops of Lincoln and Bath and Wells, commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with leaders of the Lesbian and Gay groups in the Church of England."
The open letter goes on to say that "Neither the Coalition nor any of its member groups were invited to take part in conversations of this kind."If the House of Bishops agrees to such meetings however, they will  be in full accordance with Lambeth Resolution 1.10 which calls for a commitment ‘to listen to the experience of homosexual persons' and the Coalition looks forward to the start of formal discussions.
The Inclusive Church conference in November will provide an excellent opportunity for us to review where we are with this process and consider how Inclusive Church may proceed. So – a really good reason to be at Be-Attitude 16-18 November Go to our conference page for booking details.

Changing Attitude Conference

‘Civil partneChanging Attitude Conferencerships in church NOW’ conference.

Saturday 24 September 10-16.30 Holy Trinity Smethwick, Birmingham. Keynote address by Ben Bradshaw.  

A day for Changing Attitude supporters and friends to formulate policy and develop a strategy for action. Booking details on the Changing Attitude website.

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