National Coordinator

The National Coordinator for Inclusive Church is The Rev'd Bob Callaghan.

Bob CallaghanBob has worked for Inclusive Church since March 2011, having been in parish ministry for nearly 30 years. Bob lives in Gloucestershire. Bob's post with Inclusive Church is half-time.

As National Coordinator Bob works to support the trustees of Inclusive Church.

Bob is working with the executive to ensure that Inclusive Church is 'out there' in terms of contact with local churches, dioceses and groups. He is often asked to preach or speak in churches, deanery synods and diocesan events. He also ensures that Inclusive Church has a strong presence at events (such as Greenbelt, General Synod & Pride. 
Bob is the editor of the Inclusive Church Resource Book series- working with over 40 authors who are contributing to the books.

Bob manages our registered inclusive churches, schools and groups and maintains contact with over 4,500 subscribers to our newsletter.

Bob is keen to build on this - and is available to work with churches, deaneries, or local groups to strengthen the presence of Inclusive Church around the country. Use the contact page to get in touch.