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“Thank you for being there” was something said to us at an event that we ran last year. Spoken by someone for whom Inclusive Church is a lifeline and a sign of hope.

The work of Inclusive Church is as vital now as it has ever been.
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As Dianna Gwilliams, Dean of Guildford and Chair of Inclusive Church has said:
“We have achieved much by the grace of God.  There is much to do.”

Inclusive Church depends on the generosity of individuals and churches to support its work. Much of our work is done by our National Coordinator on a part-time basis and then what volunteers contribute. Will you support the work of Inclusive Church?

Financial costs for Inclusive Church each month include:

  • The post of a part-time National Coordinator - salary and on-costs.
  • Support of campaigns and projects.
  • Profiling the 6 books in our Inclusive Church Resource Series
  • Publicity - leaflets, monthly newsletter.
  • Having a presence at events - church events, Greenbelt etc
  • Work to support individuals and churches with conferences and events exploring issues on inclusion
  • Work to support a network of partnerships

Inclusive Church is a registered charity (No 1102676)
Standing Order and Gift Aid forms are available here:

Gift Aid Form PDF format

Standing Order Form PDF format

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